Enterprise resource software

Enterprise resource software

Enterprise management is really a tough job and also needs a number of levels of operations for the proper functioning of an organization. The most hectic work in office management is data handling and connecting with employees working at various managerial levels. Are you also struggling with the same office management issues then we are here to assist you. Brillmindz serve you with the most effective enterprise resource software in UAE with which you can handle each of your tasks with a great ease and can also automate most of those. In present days most of the organizations have already opted ERP app to simplify the process.

Various module of Enterprise resource software in UAE served by Brillmindz are listed below:

Brillmindz is one of the best enterprise resource software developers and has served multiple companies with the most efficient modules. Various modules are developed to accomplish different type of task. Few among those are listed below:


Do you need to take care of multiple assets, like machinery, gadgets, tools, buildings, etc. then FAM will be the module to simplify and automate your tasks. Fixed & IT Asset Management is mostly used by the huge organizations who are finding difficulties to manage their assets. FAM assists you to keep and maintain track record of each element using various methods, like barcode reading, ID codes and so on.

Features provided by FAM modules of enterprise resource software are listed below:

  • Manufacturer name
  • Brand name
  • Purchase date
  • Accessories issued to
  • Date of issue
  • Tracking ID
  • And many more…


Human resource is the most important asset for any of the organization. Are able to manage each and every requirement of human resource? If not then we can assist you with Human resource management ERP app which will assist you to automate your task and make the management process easier.

Know how you can manage your human resource using Enterprise resource software:

Keep record of employee details:

  • Date of joining
  • Salary
  • Deductions from salary
  • Accommodation and other allowance
  • Designation
  • Notice period
  • And so on…

Work report:

HRM not only manages personal details of clients, but also assist you to track work of an employee. You can track professional activities done by the employees and can prepare daily, monthly and also annual reports which can be used on the time promotions and increment.


Of course ultimate objective of your company is to generate as much as revenue and grabbing more and more customers. You can convert viewers to users by using smart marketing skills but maintaining them is really a big task. So if you are willing to simplify your customer management task then you can opt Customer relationship management software which can automate your each work, such as tracking details about your customers, their requirements, recent purchases, filters which they prefer, customer service desk and many more things.


Are you dealing with the real estate and need to maintain multiple properties? Do you feel it as a hectic job and willing to simplify it? If yes then we serve you with the most efficient Property management software with which you can easily maintain and track each detail of your various properties.

What kind of features is offered in PMS enterprise resource software?

  • Tracking pre-booking
  • Date of vacating property
  • Rent
  • Advance
  • Maintenance
  • Documents
  • And so on…


Managing a successive level of sales is really a tough job, and mainly in this competitive world where each day every competitor is coming up with new tactics of marketing. In that case our Inventory management software can assist you to maintain the records of each element required at each level of business development.

Features of IM software are listed below:

  • Tracking asset
  • Re-ordering products
  • Checking quantity of products
  • Taking estimate of sales and so on


Maintaining sale may appear easy but it is one of the most hectic jobs when you talk about the revenue generation of your company. Here our expert presents Point of Sale module of enterprise resource software which assist you track the sales of your company by maintaining it at various levels.

Various features of POS:


  • Billing amount and type of billing
  • Automated cash drawer opening
  • Counting of commodity
  • Number of sold out things
  • And so on…

Report generation:

If you need to generate leads for each and every sale then also POS will serve you with amazing features. With the sale of each commodity you can track the bill amount, keep records of type of payment, amount of payment, billing counter number, and so on.


In manufacturing of a product different level from an organization is included. Connecting a number of levels at your organization might be tough or you but now it will be solve by using Manufacturing Resource Planning software. As it allows you to collaborate multiple levels at the same platform and proceed with greater impact.

MRP can automate multiple process, few of those are listed below:

  • Calculating cost estimation
  • Product in demand
  • Planning for production
  • Required labor estimation
  • And so on…


Are you finding difficulties in managing restaurant? If yes then you must try restaurant management software through which you can automate most of your restaurant activities, such as reception work, order placing, billing, keeping record of bill amount, tracking orders, and so on.

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